This parallaxing background is my idea of a misty mountain glade at sunrise.  I think a black bear might be living in that cave on the right.
This cavern hangar was inspired by an idea of a scene in the book "Dune", where Paul Atreides is escaping the Harkonnen in an ornithopter.  It turned out to be a secret WW2 US spy aerodrome.  The aircraft is based on a Lockheed model 10 Electra.
In the shadowy lands of Morwaith, cloud factories fill the sky with noxious effluent...
Who knew there were ruins of a lost civilization on Mars??  actually, this image is a photo-bash of Greek and Roman ruins, Wadi-Rum in Jordan, images from the Mars rover, and some doctored 3d model astronauts.  bits of the Hagia Sophia are in there too!
Somewhere in the Caribbean, wind and tide set a worn-out fishing boat firmly in the sands of a sun-drenched beach.   It wasn't long before an opportunistic local had a bright idea and set about collecting scraps of corrugated tin and lumber.  Within a few weeks, he'd cobbled together a fine ice cream stand, set firmly above the water and sand.  Want a break from the baking heat?  Cool off with a cone from "Shiver Me Timbers" ice cream!
I wish that this "egg man" would give those kids a break.  As the poor children of the widowed baker in this shabby little village, they often sit out on the porch looking for handouts.  anyone with anything worth selling makes the daily trek up to St. Pyotrgrad castle, and pays homage to the fine man who runs this land.
The kingdom of Tzatzikistan
A recent adventure on the North Saskatchewan River!  This image captures the fun we all had shortly before running into a concrete bridge pier and nearly sinking.  Completed in the style of "Silly Sundays"!
Backgrounds from short animation: "The Promotion"
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