Ted has been holding down a steady job and attending AA meetings twice a week for two years now...
A trio of characters involved with my personal picture-book project: "Willm and the Muldvorm"
This ne'er-do-well juvenile delinquent was inspired by 90's boarder and punk themes.
In the process of exploring my grandmother's attic I came across this fine piece of retro luggage.
More surprising was what it contained: explosives, a timing device, handgun, vials of mysterious liquids, false teeth (cyanide capsule included) a variety of passports, maps, doily, and other personal items.  Don't mind the stiletto wooden spoon.  sure glad she only hit me with the blunt end as a wee lad.
Inspired by a series of gangster mug-shots from the golden age of prohibition.
The supreme leader.  Don't let his short stature deceive you!
Digital paintings of some classic movie stars...
What would you do if some unwanted guests had taken up residence in your home while you were away?
This half page and spot illustration were inspired by an article  entitled: "Critters that live in your cottage in winter and how to get them out!"
A few cartoony expressions...
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